Environmental Remediation

Environmental Remediation - SouthernCAT

Capability in the environmental remediation arena begins with SAFETY.

Nothing is more important than the safety of our clients and employees. This philosophy is woven into every aspect of our service.

We believe that true safety goes far beyond the written pages in a safety manual or the spoken words in a tailgate meeting. We believe that being safe is a value. A value governed by the individual, not safety officers, not manuals, not training routines. While these are important tools, safety ultimately the individual must choose to be aware and safety conscience every minute of every day.

Our safety core values are:

  1. Knowing and assimilating the difference between SAFETY KNOWLEDGE and BEING SAFE.

  2. Discipline to focus on being safe.

  3. Empowerment to stay safe at all costs.

  4. Safety is a choice. CHOOSE to be safe

SouthernCAT, Inc. is a Northwest Florida based emergency response contractor. SouthernCAT Inc. is unique in that our services include both property and environmental remediation.  For you, this means one full service emergency service contractor to handle your needs, vertical or horizontal.

Our professional team has years of combined work experience specializing in safety analysis, environmental or property damage assessment, HAZMAT removal, loss mitigation, property restoration, insurance recovery and loss/claim consultation.

Our environmental remediation division has played a significant role in the largest environmental disasters in recent history.  Our record of safety is impeccable and our range of skills and certifications are broad.  From tank cleaning, to waste disposal, to water ops, our crews have become the “boots on the ground” for prime environmental contracts.

For you, our vertical and horizontal remediation capabilities mean just one phone call when disaster strikes.

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