Navigating the Insurance Process

Few property owners are prepared for the maze they are entering when starting through the insurance recovery process. Nor are they fully aware of their requirements and responsibilities within that process until they are faced with a devastating loss.

Let Us Be Your Guide...

There are many great contractors to choose from for your next capital improvement or new construction project. But when it comes to a significant property loss, it is critical that your contactor has the specialized knowledge and insurance recovery experience to ensure that your claim reaches a quick and successful outcome.

Our team of professionals possess a complete understanding of insurance recovery processes and how we as contractors fit into these systems. We know exactly what your large loss adjuster and their team of building science experts & consultants are looking for. And that is exactly what we give them.

This is what sets SouthernCAT apart and gives you the peace of mind knowing that your loss recovery is in the right hands.

“Have peace of mind knowing that your financial recovery is in experienced hands.”

We Will:

1.   Provide an initial consultation

2.    Prepare a complete loss assessment & recovery plan

3.   Create estimates, inventories, and business spreadsheets

4.   Detail your loss in required formats

5.   Assist in developing your presentation strategy

6.   Introduce expert analysis from engineers, industrial hygienists  and other professionals to support your claim

How Much Does This Cost?

ZERO. This is a benefit which we offer as part of our service. By contracting with SouthernCAT Inc. to restore your structure, all of these services are our way of saying Thank You for your confidence and trust.

Consider SouthernCAT, Inc. We have a better way of helping.

Restoration noun

[ res-tuh-rey-shuhn ]

The action of returning something to a former owner, place, or condition.