We believe that true safety goes far beyond the written pages in a safety manual or the spoken words in a tailgate meeting. We believe that being safe is a value. A value governed by the individual, not safety officers, not manuals, not training routines. While these are important tools, safety ultimately the individual must choose to be aware and safety conscience every minute of every day.

Philosophical Approach to Safety

Employees are consistently trained to know and assimilate the difference between having safety knowledge and having the awareness to proactively and consciously be safe. SouthernCAT, Inc. promotes proactive safety practices through public corporate recognition programs, Certificates/Awards of Safety Excellence, and financial bonuses and rewards for any employee that is actively thinking about and promoting safety in the field for our company and our clients.


Technical Approach to Safety

Employee Training Requirements

All Employees possess professional safety training and certifications including, but not limited to, the following list below. Required training is assigned and/or verified per the findings of the completed Pre-Task Safety Plan and Hazard Control Measures assessment. Pertinent employee training requirements are implemented in the complete Written Hazard Assessment during the project planning phase.

Corporate Safety

Safety begins at the top level of any operation.  SouthernCAT Inc. ownership and management has cultivated a “culture of safety” as one of the pillars of our core value system. Our corporate manual is custom written to not only be informative, but also to be applicable in the field and enforce accountability to internal management, employees, and subcontractors.  All employees and subcontractors are indoctrinated and held accountable to the standard of the SouthernCAT Inc. approach to safety.  All employees and subcontractors are empowered to stop work flow processes at any time that they feel safety is an issue.  In 2011, SouthernCAT Inc. voluntarily asked for and received a site audit and review of internal policies by The University of South Florida OSHA Health and Safety Program.

SouthernCAT has an active “Safety Committee Program”.  The committee meets monthly, performing essential monitoring, educational, investigative, and evaluative tasks.

Hazard Communication Program

SouthernCAT Inc. has compiled and implemented a thorough hazard communication program complete with specific directives for management, training checklists, and training acknowledgement forms for employees and subcontractors.

Our Safety Core Values are:

Knowing the difference between safety KNOWLEDGE and BEING safe

Discipline to focus on being safe

Empowerment to stay safe at all costs

Safety is a choice--CHOOSE to be safe

Restoration noun

[ res-tuh-rey-shuhn ]

The action of returning something to a former owner, place, or condition.