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Reconstruction Services

Choose SouthernCAT for your Reconstruction Needs

In the wake of property damage, reconstruction isn’t simply a matter of rebuilding; it’s a specialized process that requires a nuanced approach, much different from that of new construction.

When it comes to reconstruction services, you need a partner who recognizes the complexity of the property damage sustained. As the team responsible for the mitigation portion of the loss, we don’t just step in after the fact – we’re already planning and preparing for the reconstruction phase from day one. Our comprehensive understanding of your property and the damage sustained enables us to design a reconstruction strategy that is both productive and cost efficient. The continuity of service enables a smooth transition from mitigation to full restoration, executed with precision and forethought. With SouthernCAT, reconstruction isn’t an afterthought; it’s an integral part of our holistic approach to bring your property back to pre-loss condition.

At SouthernCAT, we understand that reconstruction services are not just about bricks and mortar. They’re about revitalizing a space that has endured loss and bringing it back to life, all while maintaining its original integrity.

Why is Reconstruction different from New Construction?

Understanding the Structure – Reconstruction requires a deep understanding of the original structure, the building envelope. It’s about restoring the damaged area to its pre-loss condition, which often means working with existing materials and layouts.

Compliance and Regulation – Repairing a damaged structure may necessitate adherence to codes and regulations that didn’t exist when the building was first constructed. We stay abreast of all current laws and codes to ensure your property is both safe and compliant to all regulations.

Integrated Approach – Reconstruction involves not just the physical rebuilding but also coordinating with your insurance, adhering to budget constraints, and possibly working within a partially occupied and functioning building. These elements require specialized management and a highly coordinated approach.

Custom Solutions – Every damage is unique and so is every reconstruction project. We tailor our solutions to your specific needs, ensuring that the reconstructed areas align seamlessly with the undamaged parts of your property.

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